NewYears Mantra. Lucky 13! This is my year!

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This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you…

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Imnaha River

18 December 2012

Breaking Through to the Other Side

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

Not having any messages come in for the past week or so, I thought I might experiment and call in a master and see what happens. This past week or so has been an interesting one for me. I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’m sure quite a few of my readers can say the same thing or have similar experiences. I started out with a short meditation, invoking a tube of white light for protection and then:

I am invoking the Presence of beloved Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos.

I AM here. I AM Sanat Kumara.

Yes, I can feel you in my heart. My heart chakra was burning hot as the Master began to come in.

I stand in the heart flame of all who live upon this planet.

Thank you, Raj.

What can I help you…

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Pretty much explains my life to a T.

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The excitement mounts as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer.  It seems that you have been waiting a long time and that there have been many delays and disappointments, but this is not really the case.  Time is illusory, as you well know, and so although it appears to you that dates for various events have come and gone without anything of note occurring, enormous changes have been happening on humanity’s inner or spiritual levels in preparation for the most significant event ever to occur in your space-time continuum.

On Earth it may well seem that all is going on as usual: populations growing inexorably, also suffering, poverty, violence, greed, financial crises, and corruption – and the mainstream media confirms this for you, enthusiastically.  But what is going on in your hearts and minds is very, very different.  The divine field of Love is infiltrating every human heart…

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I AM the Great Divine Director.  I am a Cosmic Being, serving the Will of God through the Blue Ray, which emanates through this Universe from the constellation of Sirius.

Today I wish to present a simple message to all Lightworkers:  Be prepared to walk the Path of Love.

Work to prepare your hearts for the coming of the Lord or in more modern parlance, open your hearts so your Higher Self may take up residence in your physical bodies.  As your physical world raises in vibration, so too will come an opportunity to become more of your Self while still in embodiment.  You are not going anywhere; you are becoming more, here and now.  As your personal vibratory level increases and your body can hold more light, so you will see this inner change reflected in your outer world.

As the process of ascension continues, each individual will…

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